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What is WSQ?

The workforce skills qualification is a national credential system that helps people train, develop, assess, and certify themselves based on skills to prepare them for the workforce. To know more about this training given by the particular authority, one can consult the wsq ato consultant. There is a CET system which is continuing education and training system that supports this movement to complete the following:

  • It helps promote recognition, skills, and competencies to achieve progression, mastery, and mobility.
  • It helps to promote the holistic development of the workforce through technical skills and the competencies related to it.
  • It helps to support economic development by professionalizing skills and competencies to drive industry transformation and produce innovative efforts.
  • At last, it helps to encourage lifelong learning.

The key features of the program 

There are some of the key features related to the program, and they are down below.

  • Relevant: It is a competency-based system designed to develop a person into a job-ready individual with all competencies and generic skills present in him.
  • Accessible: it is the program that is accessible to everyone. There are no qualification criteria present. One can easily access the training program and start learning new things from the basics.
  • Progression: With the help of these skills and qualification criteria, one can progress in life in a better manner. It helps people to achieve progress by providing them with a set of skills that they require to seek jobs in the industry.
  • Authority:  It is the program that SkillFuture Singapore offers and other established awarding bodies. The authorities provide quality training and courses to everyone to help them get industry and job ready.
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