Everything to know about colored contact lenses astigmatism Singapore

Coloured contact lenses astigmatism singapore

Tory lenses are the name given to soft contact lenses, which are used to correct astigmatism. The design of coloured contact lenses astigmatism singapore is more intricate than that of standard soft contact lenses. A lens with various powers in different zones must be used to correct astigmatism. To prevent a toric lens from spinning on your eye, it must be designed with uneven weight distribution.

Recent Changes In Eye Lenses:

The development and upkeep of a proprietary brand of toric-colored contact lenses are costly for contact lens producers. This is because many more conceivable toric lens power combinations exist for standard near- and farsightedness lens strengths.

Things To Know About Coloured Eye Lenses:

Talk to your eye doctor about alternatives if you have astigmatism and wish to use colored contacts. Chris Day, Clearly’s in-house optician & contact lens fitter, adds that patients with astigmatism rectification (the cylinder number on their Rx) below a specific threshold may be able to have their vision corrected using lenses not designed for astigmatism. Day argues that if you go that way, you’ll have more alternatives since you can wear regular colored contacts.


When the astigmatism correction is more substantial (a cylinder number of +/- 0.75 or more), your options narrow considerably. Day claims that no state-of-the-art colored contacts can correct intermediate to high levels of astigmatism.

Day warns that the older, less advanced materials are used in producing colored contacts for astigmatism. Although these materials are not as oxygen permeable as others, they nonetheless provide the possibility of good eyesight and good eye health.

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