Connecting People Through Movies and WebseriesIn This Pandemic Time: Aha

Connecting People Through Movies and WebseriesIn This Pandemic Time: Aha

People can be connected through series and yes, it’s a fact. There are many many ways where people can find common points and we believe talking about films and series are the most common ones. Movies are beautiful, it brings all your fantasies into reality and gives you a reality check. Whatever you imagine will be on your big easily. Aha videos are completely made for telugu audience to enjoy. Recent Telugu movies online on Aha are very entertaining. You can watch these beautiful connecting movies on aha anytime and anywhere. You will get connected with the concept of language. You can enjoy all these movies in your own regional language. All these are for free on Aha.

Best people connecting movies on Aha:

Bhanumati and Ramakrishna:

This is a romantic love story of Ramakrishna and Bhanumati. The most enjoyable love story, Ramakrishna’s life is very simple and common. He belongs to a middle class family who works hard for the daily wage. He has a goal but he doesn’t work for it. Bhanu is a goal originated person. She is strong and makes her own decision for life. She has had very bad experiences with boys before and she doesn’t believe in guys anymore, at that point of life Ramakrishna enters and makes her life feel better and more understandable. But the ending of the movie is very remarkable and interesting, do watch this movie to fall in love.


Movies like this will connect people as they are thrillers alike minded people think in the same way. So KanuluKanulanuDochayante is a good movie which is a suspense, crime, comedy and love story. All these genres are in this single movie. It’s a most watched movie on aha as well. If you haven’t watched this movie yet, please go watch it available on telugu on aha. This crime love story will impress like no other movie can. Ritu and Dulquer have done a fantastic job to make this movie people’s favorite.


Maguvalumatrame is a cute movie which defines the value of relation and their words. Some emotions can not be defined in words and one of those is ‘missing a person’ you can never express how much you miss that person in your life. MaguvaluMatrame is also one movie which fulfills a dream of meeting their friends. Prabha is a young woman who lives on her own, because of the other reason she goes and stays with future mother in law. Her mother in law misses her friends, she misses hanging out with her friends. Prabha wants to fulfil her dream of meeting her friends and give them a good trip. The story is their journey together and how they cherish each and every precious moment together.

Watch these recent movies on Aha. The Aha videos like these are completely relaxing and enjoyable. Aha connects people through movies and webseries, so do watch these beautiful ones.

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