Innovativeness and Entrepreneurship: The Secret to Discovering Your Purpose in Life

In the second seminar on Creativity and Entrepreneurship we start with a directed contemplation that I made entitled: Dream Keeper-Gift GiverĀ©. You inquire: what on earth does this mean? Indeed, it’s an exceptionally significant mystery I found about myself fifteen quite a while back. In the wake of doing a ton of self-disclosure and leaving on a long vision journey to mend the damages of my life as a youngster and past, looking for my actual self; my credible self and to attempt to sort out what my motivation on this planet was. Was additionally looking for my comprehension own might interpret God, our maker. You might call him or her a Higher Being, a Higher Power or Creative Intelligence. In this hunt, that actually unfurls consistently, I found many, numerous things. Be that as it may, what I bring to this course is one of the special things I found out about myself and my own soul and the boundless profundities of my innovativeness and individual power. I discovered that the kid inside was fit as a fiddle.


Recall when you were a child and had such countless dreams? You would have been an artist, a cop, a space traveler, a specialist, a researcher, an instructor, an entertainer, a craftsman. Recollect you planned to overcome the world Recollect how daring you were? How bold we as a whole were? Recollect when you were a youthful business person Be it President and CEO of your own lemonade stand, or a house to house sales rep selling GirlĀ Werkruimte Haarlem candy for your school. Indeed, those were enterprising undertakings. You had, or made an item. You made a retail facade or went house to house. You set your cost, you publicized by hanging you sign on the table, you advanced it for the most part by listening in on others’ conversations, and you got an installment. Perhaps a benefit as well on the off chance that you were fortunate and did not eat or drink every one of the benefits Yet, over all you had some good times You associated with individuals, demonstrated you were a decent sales rep and constructed fearlessness and confidence.

You see that kid is the visionary and the guardian of your fantasies. As we became older we moved away from that valuable and hallowed youngster. It’s not difficult to do. A few of us became disengaged from our youngster soul in light of experience growing up, injury or misuse or dread. Maybe your folks separated, or there was not sufficient food to eat. Maybe we lost a friend or family member or there was physical or mental maltreatment.

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